Dissatisfied with the community inclusion opportunities their adult children with autism were being offered, a group of parents approached Dr. Kristyn Butler about starting a waiver agency.  The parents had spent years advertising for, training and hiring their own individual provider staff and were ready for a more global approach.  With the idea that their adult children should have the support they need to live, work and participate fully in their community now and in the future, a new waiver agency was born.  An agency that is able to provide:

  • Evening community immersion social activities
  • Day Activities that include giving back to the community by volunteering with typically developing individuals, along with learning daily living skills and specialized vocational skills
  • Transportation to and from work and other activities
  • The ability to travel and pursue recreational activities
  • Care for individuals with a wide range of behavioral and social challenges
  • Supported Community Living services for individuals living outside the family home
  • Quality care regardless of waiver or funding source

Our communities are better with all of us together, and we have the Ability to Matter in our community.