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Welcome To Ability Matters!

Our company provides premier services for individuals with autism and other neurological disabilities, with an emphasis on community inclusion for all.  Our services are personalized and individualized for each of our consumers by our four departments: education, intervention, housing and day services. Driven by our core values, we provide outstanding care to our consumers and their families because we all have the Ability to Matter.  

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Day trips, community events, the zoo, COSI, and even out-of-state or global outings are also part of what we do!

Welcome to Beyond Ability Matters!

Beyond Ability Matters (BAM) is our non-profit 501c (3) charity that raises funds to help children and young adults with neurological disabilities. We bring young adults and children with neurological disabilities the tools and experiences they need in order to “live their best lives” through opportunity, housing and community.

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Beyond Ability Matters relies on ordinary people to create extraordinary results!

Helping Everyone Go Beyond Their Wildest Dreams!

By partnering with Beyond Ability Matters, together we can help provide life-changing experiences & opportunities to children and young adults with Autism & other neurological disabilities. Ensuring all individuals live their best lives through inclusion and independence.

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