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Our Core Values

Attitude of Gratitude

We are always grateful for the opportunity to serve our consumers and their ever-changing needs. By working with an attitude of gratitude each day, we demonstrate that we value the human rights of each consumer, worthy of love, compassion, and empathy.


We are a solution-oriented company. While we cannot control events that may occur, we can control our responses to these events, choosing to bring at least three solutions for every one problem. We are never stagnant, seeking only the best possible outcomes for our consumers and their families. So that our consumers are fully included in our community and in our world, we creatively strive for the best and most timely solution.


We always demonstrate integrity with consumers, staff and families, knowing that we are responsible for the well-being of their loved ones. Our integrity fosters trust, and it is this trust that enables us to form the positive relationships we value with our key stakeholders. Integrity and ethics form the basis of our values, beliefs and behaviors, the very culture of our company.

Positive Attitude and Positive Energy

We always bring our positive attitude to our daily interactions with our consumers, parents and fellow staff members. Our positive attitude drives the positive energy with which we approach our tasks, our decisions and our responses to events and problems. Our positive attitude and positive energy ensure that our consumers receive the highest quality of care in our industry. Positive attitudes and energy promote change in our communities and in the lives of our consumers and families.


We value each consumer and their individuality. Their ever-changing needs demands our advocacy to support their civil rights and their full inclusion in our communities. Their inclusion strengthens our communities and our world, and our innovative practices ensure their inclusion and sense of community. We always pledge to treat each consumer as an individual soul and to fully support them. Regardless of disability, race, creed or religion, we all have the Ability to Matter.

Outstanding Work Ethic

We always model an outstanding work ethic as individuals and as collaborative teams. We are determined to perform at our highest ability at work each day, and we strive to work together as a team, deeply committed to each consumer. We are also dedicated to professional best practices and self-motivation for continuous improvement so that our consumers receive the highest quality of care. Because we love and value our consumers, we always give our best every day.