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Day Services

Ability Matters provides unique Day Services to adults with disabilities by immersing them in the community.  With support, individuals with behavioral verbal, and social deficits enjoy visits to parks, workplaces, libraries, community events, museums, the zoo, shopping malls and stores and other area sites as we build their skills to be fully included in our community. 

Social and Recreation Activities

Ability Matters believes that if a typical person benefits from a vacation and travel so does a person with a disability. With the help of our experienced staff, the individuals we serve have enjoyed everything from weekend trips to waterparks to cruises to Central America and trips to Europe. Each year we offer a variety of overnight trips, both in-state and out-of-state.


Ability Matters was one of the first providers in the state to offer Career Planning services to move individuals with disabilities forward on the path to paid, community integrated employment. Customized services allow us to write individualized goals that lead to both successful employment and volunteer sites. Individuals have gained employment in the technology industry, health and wellness industry, hospitality industry, food service industry and retail industry - just to name a few.

Health and Wellness

Ability Matters is committed to the health and wellness of each of our consumers. Our individuals have access to gyms, pools, and parks throughout Central Ohio. We also have a nutritionist who works with our staff and consumers to enhance the health and wellness of our individuals and instill lifelong healthy habits.

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