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"Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work." -Andres Tapia

Oct. 5, 2022

When you think of the UC Davis MIND Institute’s instructional videos, you probably think of long complex explanations of in-depth research findings. As a collaborative international research center, committed to the awareness, understanding, prevention and treatment of the challenges associated with neurodevelopmental disabilities, you will find lots of hard-to-understand video presentations on their website. However, at MIND TIP Videos – YouTube found at , you will find 3-5 min videos about basic behavioral concepts and how to implement them with those you serve. These video concepts can be used with adults or children, but always remember to treat adults like adults and respect their rights. From tips on discussing behaviors with primary care physicians to tips on dealing with anxiety, this resource can help you get quick tips to help the individual you serve be more successful in their community inclusion. It is important to have as many resources as possible to find the behavioral strategies that will benefit those you serve the most. Community inclusion is only possible with the support of trained professionals who find answers when others give up.