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"Do small things, with great love." – Mother Teresa

Dec. 28, 2022

As one year ends and another begins, it is natural to think about the successes and disappointments of the last year and goals for the new year. For individuals with disabilities and their families, this includes recognizing the importance of quality care staff. Even if family members are the primary caregivers for their loved one, they know that they can’t give the best care without respite from others. The ripple effect of each action quickly comes into focus when you care for someone who can’t care for themselves. The actions that you take each day have a direct effect on the person’s quality of life. This is especially true for those who care for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders that can not be easily seen by the outside observer. Everyone might be caring toward a person with a visible disability, but when the disability is hidden in the brain, it can be harder for others to be understanding. However Direct Support Professionals take the time to understand the needs of those they serve and help them find success in the community where others may still be learning to understand their challenges. There are few people who get to directly change someone’s life the way that a Direct Support Professional does. While it might seem like what you do is a small thing, it is everything to the person with the disability and their loved ones. No matter what your role in the life of a person with a disability, we want to thank you for your service and dedication at this time and all year long. What you do changes the world not only for the individual you serve, but everyone else as well.